Here Are Creative Ways To Memorialize Your Loved Ones

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In some cases, you might feel that a funeral or memorial service is not enough to celebrate the life of a loved one fully. In such cases, you can memorialize your loved one in a creative way, especially if he or she had a special hobby, passion or interest. You might not be ready or prepared to say goodbye to your loved one, but if you are dedicated to make your loved one’s memory last for long years to come, you need to try these creative ways to honor and memorialize him or her following the cremation.

Write a journal: In the journal, you should write down what all you remember about the loved one such as the fun moments that you both shared together and the unique characteristics of the person that made him or her as an important, fun and enjoyable person. You can share the journal with the family members and friends of the loved one and encourage them to add their memories and thoughts as well.

Plant a flower, tree or garden: The ideal ways to memorialize your loved one are planting and gardening, especially if the loved one was interested in gardening. You can nurture the plants in the memory of the loved one or sit near the plants while you spend time in reading a favorite book.

Give a gift named after your loved one: You can give gifts anonymously in the name of your loved ones to your family members and friends who will appreciate the gesture. You can give gifts that will be alive forever.

Adopt an animal: If your loved one appreciates wildlife and animals or has an affinity for a specific animal, you can try to donate money to an animal shelter or zoo and take care of the expenses to support the animals they like.

Donate books: You can donate books to a library in the name of your loved one. In case, a local library accepts donations, you can consider donating books that are written by the loved one’s most liked author or the genre of books that he or she likes the most.

Donate a memorial bench: In case your loved one visited a park or venue frequently, you can donate a memorial bench, tree or any other object in the venue. Ensure that the donation features the name of your loved one.

Set up an amateur scholarship: You can contact the alma mater or most liked university of your loved one and consult about setting up a scholarship in the name of your loved one. The donation you make can help a student pay his or her fees, school supplies, and books.

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Signs That Your Departed Loved Ones Give To Show That They Are Around

p3imgAfter your loved ones have passed away, they will be very anxious to let you know that they are alright and aware of what is happening in your lives. If you were not able to feel their presence around you, they will often show signs that you cannot ignore. The person who gets the sign knows he or she is getting a message from the deceased person. Ten signs that the loved ones will give are given below.

The loved one might come in the form of an animal. The loved ones can use their energy to enter an animal such as a dragonfly, bird, ladybug or butterfly for some time. The animal will do something that it usually will not do such as peck at the window, land on you, scream at you, etc.

The loved ones might place common objects like rocks, coins, feathers, etc. in your path. These things will be placed in the paths that were significant to the deceased ones.

They give fragrances and you can tell that they are around you when you smell their flowers, cigar, perfume, or another smell that they had.

Sometimes, they make songs come on at the ideal time. You can know that they are around when you hear their favorite songs with the exact words at the right time when you need to hear the songs. Often, the same song will be played in different places.

The loved ones might come to you in your dreams. This is the easiest way as they will come whenever you ask them to come. You need to ask them to wake you up after they come or else you will forget the dream.

They even show same numbers again and again. The numbers will mostly be relevant to you such as anniversaries, birth dates, etc. These will appear on billboards, clocks or other familiar places.

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Etiquette To Console A Grieving Person

p4It is a profound event in the lives of people to lose a loved one. People express their sorrow in many ways such as outpouring the emotion and the grieving process is private. There are many ways in which you can reach out a grieving person and support the affected ones throughout the period. The ways can be verbal and non-verbal.

During the heightened emotions and levels of relationships, you might feel uncomfortable to talk about the death directly. This could be a difficult topic to reach conversationally. The openness that is presented to a person who is grieving creates a possibility to acknowledge and dialogue about the loss and their emotions. There are some suggestions to handle this talk and it includes addressing the loss, showing your concern, offering support, asking how the person feels and being ready to listen.

The grieving process varies from one person to another. Offering a hug or an ear to listen is a wonderful way to show that you are there for the person. You should acknowledge his or her feelings and let the person express freely. Refrain from the judgments and create a space to share freely. You can express your support for the person with a touch, hug, or eye contact.

The person who has experienced the loss of a loved one has to overcome the task of adjusting to his or her absence all through the life. From the initial arrangements to cleaning, cooking, financial arrangements as well as documentation, there can be many tedious tasks to handle. You need to take the time to think about the various things that you can do to support the already grieving person. In case you are going to a store, ask what the person needs. When preparing dinner, give the person a meal as a support. Contact the person on a regular basis and establish a consistency in his or her life.

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