Here Are Creative Ways To Memorialize Your Loved Ones

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In some cases, you might feel that a funeral or memorial service is not enough to celebrate the life of a loved one fully. In such cases, you can memorialize your loved one in a creative way, especially if he or she had a special hobby, passion or interest. You might not be ready or prepared to say goodbye to your loved one, but if you are dedicated to make your loved one’s memory last for long years to come, you need to try these creative ways to honor and memorialize him or her following the cremation.

Write a journal: In the journal, you should write down what all you remember about the loved one such as the fun moments that you both shared together and the unique characteristics of the person that made him or her as an important, fun and enjoyable person. You can share the journal with the family members and friends of the loved one and encourage them to add their memories and thoughts as well.

Plant a flower, tree or garden: The ideal ways to memorialize your loved one are planting and gardening, especially if the loved one was interested in gardening. You can nurture the plants in the memory of the loved one or sit near the plants while you spend time in reading a favorite book.

Give a gift named after your loved one: You can give gifts anonymously in the name of your loved ones to your family members and friends who will appreciate the gesture. You can give gifts that will be alive forever.

Adopt an animal: If your loved one appreciates wildlife and animals or has an affinity for a specific animal, you can try to donate money to an animal shelter or zoo and take care of the expenses to support the animals they like.

Donate books: You can donate books to a library in the name of your loved one. In case, a local library accepts donations, you can consider donating books that are written by the loved one’s most liked author or the genre of books that he or she likes the most.

Donate a memorial bench: In case your loved one visited a park or venue frequently, you can donate a memorial bench, tree or any other object in the venue. Ensure that the donation features the name of your loved one.

Set up an amateur scholarship: You can contact the alma mater or most liked university of your loved one and consult about setting up a scholarship in the name of your loved one. The donation you make can help a student pay his or her fees, school supplies, and books.

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