Plan Ahead For The Funeral Service

fplanIf you are planning for your funeral well ahead, there are several things that you should consider to relieve your family and friends of the responsibilities that they should have when the time comes. Some people do not realize that it is possible to plan for their funeral in advance even while they are living their life. The benefits of planning ahead are many such as locking a price by paying in advance. You can plan everything from the arrangements of ceremonies, style of the funeral, etc. Planning ahead will make your wishes clear to your family members. The costs can be estimated and the arrangement for the payment can be done now or in the future. There will be no physical exams that are needed and you do not have to fill any questionnaires. You need not wait for returning any documents or getting any approvals from the authority.

Funeral diary open.

You need to take some things into account before planning your funeral ahead. These are as follows.

  • A contact list of those people who have to be notified about your death
  • How the obituary should read or the points that have to be included
  • Where the obituary or memorial information should appear
  • The ideal cemetery lot details
  • The preferred crematorium urn type or casket type
  • The choice of sectional crypt or vault
  • The preferred type of funeral service such as religious, military or non-denominational
  • Speakers and potential eulogies
  • Details of pailbearers, music, scripture, and other readings
  • Flowers you like to have
  • The churches or organizations that should benefit from the memorial donations that are made in your name

You should hand over a copy of your will to your estate executor. The funeral planning documents that are discovered in the safety deposit boxes at the time of estate settlement will not be of any use to the executor as your funeral would be over by then.