What Options You Can Consider When You Are Planning A Funeral?

p2imgIt is not easy to lose a loved one. It will be even stressful to plan a funeral in addition to the grief you are already in. many families will have an overwhelming feeling with the many options that are available for the funerals. How can you choose the best one for your family? Here are some options for funerals that are available to give you an idea of the options are available.  

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Choose the right funeral home: You should choose the funeral home first. You might need to work with someone trustworthy who can help meet your needs and arrange for the special wishes that your family might have. The funeral home should work with you to add life to your tribute ideas and make suggestions on how you can enhance them. The funeral home should serve you with dedication and excellence. If you are running on a lower budget but still wish to give your loved one a memorable goodbye, you should consider using facilities with on-site equipment, such as a crematorium or chapel, since that allows them to lower the price significantly.

Memorial or traditional service: After selecting a funeral home, you need to decide if you want a memorial or a traditional funeral service. The traditional funeral services include a viewing of your loved one’s body and visitation for the loved ones to assemble to express their condolences. It also includes a service to celebrate the life of the deceased person and a procession to the burial ground where an additional ceremony takes place. The memorial services follow the cremation or burial and these can be held in a fraternal hall, a church or any other place. The body of the deceased will not be present in this service.

Decide on a viewing: The viewing is the time given to the family and friends to view the deceased. Usually, the body will be displayed and the loved ones can bid goodbye by touching the hand for the last time.

p2img2Options for burial: The burial follows the funeral services. Usually, the coffin is closed and the loved ones of the deceased will be chosen to carry the coffin and proceed to the burial ground from the funeral home. Burials can be done with or without the guests. It depends on your concerns and how you want it to be.

Military honors: In case, the deceased person was a part of the military or armed forces, the military funeral services can be chosen and the person will be laid to rest with a gun salute and a flag will be draped around the casket. The funeral will be done by military personnel in full military uniform.

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