Why The Purpose Of Funeral Is Mistaken?

funeralThere is a belief that having a funeral is to draw attention to one’s self and make it the center of attention. If there is no funeral, then people believe that others are saved from grieving. There is a thought that death is a private thing and it affects only the deceased’s family. However, there is a reason that all the cultures that are practiced across the world have created different rituals surrounding death. It is for the same reason that all the cultures have created rituals for birth, marriage, etc. The rituals signify that the family unit has modified and the community will gather to support the members of the family.

If there is no funeral service, the unresolved grief will have a greater impact than the feeling of being depressed. It has been related to obesity, substance abuse, and other types of mental disorders. Having a service is not the magic elixir to get through the grief, but it is a healthy start. Having a formal time to gather and support the deceased’s family will quicken the processing of the funeral and help in healing them. People have an innate requirement to support one another. Denying a formal time to do this will not stop them from discussing about the death. But, the conversation will be delayed and the healing process with be delayed.

However, many people neglect the most significant part of the funeral that is the ritual that surrounds it. The pain of grief that the loved ones experience is unavoidable and it is assailable only via direct confrontation. There are no shortcuts and no coddling will make it vanish. The funeral rituals are framed to help them recover from the grief event. The funerals are for those who are living and not for the dead. Thousands of years of consciousness have taught us about being truly helpful after a death event.